What is #DownloadsForMikey?

Meet Mikey. He has MLD.

image Michael Warechowski IV, of Marietta, Georgia, was born a perfectly healthy, smart little boy who reached all his milestones. His parents, Katie and Mike, had no idea anything was wrong with him until he still couldn’t walk by age 23 months. After extensive tests, they received the unbelievable news that their only son has Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) and only a few more years to live. The diagnosis came on Katie’s 31st birthday. MLD is a rare neuro-degenerative disease that affects the brain, nervous system, and muscles. There is no cure; it is fatal. Most kids with MLD live to be about 5 or 6. Since his diagnosis in 2012, Michael has lost all of his abilities: he cannot talk, eat by mouth, sit up or play. He is fed only through a feeding tube, and he is heavily medicated, as MLD is very painful. Katie and Mike are local businesses owners and strive to provide everything Mikey needs. Unfortunately, they’ve been denied government assistance for his ongoing medical care and their medical bills are outrageous. Please help this beautiful family. To learn more, visit Katie’s blog for Mikey at mikeywiv.wordpress.com.

Share the story. Download the song.

Downloads For Mikey In 2014, a song–inspired by Mikey–was written by a family friend and professionally recorded as a tribute and fundraising effort for Mikey. “Playgrounds in Heaven (Mikey’s Song)” by Graham Cossick, a heartfelt tribute to Mikey’s courage and journey, is now available in most digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc). 100 percent of song proceeds go directly to the Warechowski family to help cover Mikey’s care. Preview the song here on SoundCloud.

Media Coverage

This song and fundraising effort recently made the Atlanta news (11 Alive)–watch and share here: www.11alive.com/story/news/health…nes-song/6612783/.

Atlanta radio has also stepped up to help. Both Kicks 101.5 FM and 94.9 FM The Bull have shared Mikey’s story and played Playgrounds in Heaven (Mikey’s Song).

How to help:


To show your support for this beautiful family, simply:

1. Download “Playgrounds in Heaven (Mikey’s Song)” via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc. 100% of proceeds go to the family.

2. Share this page and story! Our goal is to pay 100% of Mikey’s 2014 medical costs…and we need your help!

3. If you’d like to make an additional donation, visit Katie’s blog at mikeywiv.wordpress.com and click the “donate” button on the left.


Playgrounds in Heaven (Mikey’s Song) credits:

image A huge thank you to the following musicians who donated their time and talent as a special gift to the Warechowski family. You guys are amazing and have such big hearts…this project could not have happened without you!

Mason Douglas — Vocals www.masondouglasmusic.com

Daniel Dennis — Drums www.primecutstudio.com

Philip Pence — Bass

Danny Crawford – Rhodes and Strings www.facebook.com/danny.crawford.35?fref=ts

Corey Pearson – Piano www.facebook.com/corey.pearson2?fref=ts

Jeremy Medkeff – Acoustic and Electric Guitars www.facebook.com/jeremy.medkiff?fref=ts

Justin Moses – Fiddle www.facebook.com/JustinMosesMusic

Mixed and Mastered by Jason Singleton for Red Hill Productions jwsingleton@me.com Atlanta / Nashville 615-306-2412 twitter.com/jayboaudio

Playgrounds in Heaven (Mikey’s Song) is written by Graham Cossick. © Graham Cossick 2014

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